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    C# Confuser 1.x Unpack

    uploaded files Confuser 1.x protected files. can someone please release it?
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    0x32789 sorry check is late. Thank you for your help.
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    can you tell me how to check the 3dtext attach and increase the distance?
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    AHK SAMP UdfEx (0.3.7)

    SAMP_INFO_SETTINGS_OFFSET 0.3.dl offset please
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    0x3c5 as of 0.3.7. curious about the offset address of SAMP_INFO_SETTINGS_OFFSET 0.3.dl.
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    0.3 DL samp function memory address

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    0.3 DL samp function memory address

    lol _-_ its my question
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    0.3 DL samp function memory address

    GivePlayerWeapon samp.dll 0x016C90 ResetPlayerWeapons samp.dll + 0x014790 TogglePlayerControllable samp.dll + 0x0168E0 SetPlayerPos samp.dll + 0x015970 SetPlayerHealth samp.dll + 0x015BA0 ApplyAnimation samp.dll + 0x016FA0 TogglePlayerSpectating samp.dll + 0x018990 SetPlayerAmmo samp.dll +...
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    Change the starting camera position

    When we connect to the server, we see the coast of LS. First, I tried to change the position of the camera first. As i can see, the x coordinate of the camera is 0xB6F258. Even if i change the value of this coordinate to the value i want with float, i can not change the camera screen to the...
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    modifying a simple Lua script

    If the current health value is 123080, only the hundred digits are recognized and I hope the graph is displayed correctly. That is, it should recognize 80, not 123 (123100> 100). The compressed file contains the original file and the decompiled script.
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    only support 0.3.7 r1
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    Sniper Triggerbot

    It's easy to create trigger bot for other guns (green box) The sniper can not see the green box, so you need another way. Is not there a good way?
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    characters immunities

    CLEO can apply an immune effect with the following code: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR immunities BP 0 FP 0 EP 0 CP 0 MP 0 I want to this at the cheat engine or memory address. Can someone give me information?
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    What is this function?

    What is the samp function that prints the text aimbot enabled?
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    ak m4 fast zoom

    Unlike mp5, ak and m4 are slow to zoom. I want to know how to change it like mp5. m4 zoom: mp5 zoom: mp5 finishes in 1st step zoom, but m4 zooms one more time after 1st step.