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  1. Ayamabi

    DLL Call

    you ma best BEST frend need to drag and drop samp.dll into IDA ok ty
  2. Ayamabi

    CLEO MISC Decrypting cleos

    decrypt my cock its still on 10 cm
  3. Ayamabi

    DLL Call download tutorial
  4. Ayamabi

    [C++] Timecyc Rainbow - source code

    subscribe and send him ur credit card numbers for gta sa timecock rainbow
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  6. Ayamabi


    server ip?
  7. Ayamabi

    0.3 DL samp function memory address

  8. Ayamabi

    [CRACKED] AutoUnscrambler by 0x32789 (LSRP)

    the truth message wormcockboi.asi shut up
  9. Ayamabi

    CLEO [Tutorial] Read / write memory

    bruh that's human wiki not computer
  10. Ayamabi

    Question about pointers and offsets

    that namespace std; gave me ebola
  11. Ayamabi

    how to update s0beit project version?

    wtf boi you replaced whole samp.h & samp.cpp file ? the only thing you need to replace there are addresses in samp.h and samp_cmp in samp.cpp
  12. Ayamabi

    Help with SannyBuilder

  13. Ayamabi

    Its everyday bro - Exploiting samp servers.

    call 911 this is emergency situation
  14. Ayamabi

    APP Anti Crash [samp.dll] 0.3x

    go bump 14 years old threads to brake world record
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  16. Ayamabi

    m0d_sa [Mod Sobeit] OverLight v3 (with source code)

    deathmatch -> draw finder
  17. Ayamabi

    ASI Fast Screen

    cuz it doesnt work lol
  18. Ayamabi

    leg aimbot

    he means penis aim