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    CLEO HELP Make your character walk to X Y Z coordinates

    You can try to do that by forcing W keypress and then making the Player Camera look towards the position xD
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    Yeha. That was sold for 20€ to some people. I still have it, but i dont think that it is good enough for current times.
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    Delete string from file

    Try something like this? IF 0AAB: file_exists "CLEO\buffer.txt" THEN 0B00: delete_file "CLEO\buffer.txt" END 0A9A: [email protected] = openfile "CLEO\file.txt" mode 0x6272 0A9C: [email protected] = file [email protected] size 0A9A: [email protected] = openfile "CLEO\buffer.txt" mode 0x6277 [email protected] -= 1 // remove last byte(char) from file 0AC8: [email protected]
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    APP [CLEO] AutoHeli.cs - Helicopter autopilot!

    The turning function was one of the most important thing in all those mods ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Without it everything would be different. I had tried to create that function myself but failed hard so it was nice to just use your function. The mod looks very nice, but you should add a little bit of...
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    Outcoming Bullet Sync Hook not working for Lagcompoff

    block your Aimdata xd
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    Easy code? help me here pls zz

    Use 0AB4: [email protected] = var 0 and 0AB3: var 0 = 10 example: if Dialog.CheckBoxIsChecked([email protected], 1) then 0AB3: var 1 = 1337 end and inside the esp cleo: 0AB4: [email protected] = var 1 if [email protected] == 1337 Then // mod on end That way you can turn on and off other cleos
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    Have you tried to apply another animation and then cancel it? 0792: disembark_instantly_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR
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    op hax

    FOV 1.2 and just move the smooth slider until you dont see the aimbot anymore :)
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    How to close a code?

    press red X ?
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    Actor status

    That should work? I mean there is nothing wrong with the script m8
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    Send command if chat message appear.

    arent the colors missing? like {FF0000}$200?
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    Getting Chat String

    {$CLEO .cs} thread "Auto-Clicker" 0000: repeat wait 0 until SAMP.Available() while true wait 0 alloc [email protected] 260 0B75: samp get_chat_string 99 text_to [email protected] prefix_to [email protected] color_to [email protected] prefix_color_to [email protected] if or 0C18: [email protected] = strstr string1 [email protected] string2 "AFK LA PC"...
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    How to kill gta/samp when it freezes

    Just put the task manager onto your second monitor like all rich kids do
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    Dialog not giving right value

    To be honest i dont even know what your problem is o.o explain
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    Question about file reading / counting

    0A99: chdir 0 0 = the game root folder becomes the default directory 1 = the user files folder becomes the default directory
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    Question about file reading / counting

    IF 0AAB: file_exists "CLEO\C\C-Console.log" then if 8A9A: [email protected] = openfile "CLEO\C\C-Console.log" mode "at" // IF and SET then [email protected] = 0 repeat wait 0 [email protected] += 1 until 0AD6: end_of_file [email protected] reached printf "Lines in file: %d" 1000 [email protected]
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    How to make launching samp easier (for testing)

    dont talk too much about this, the goverment is against time travlers
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    How to make launching samp easier (for testing)

    I think i have wasted about 500 hours just to launch samp. This should reduce it to 250 hours^^
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    Shooting hack/aimbot reports?! Please help!

    You can set up everything you want and if you're careful you wont get banned
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    Shooting hack/aimbot reports?! Please help!

    Hm.... i can only suggest you to use OP-HaX^^