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  1. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE PickUP.cs - teleport other players to you.

    Enable: Write /pickup into the chat to toggle it. Enter a vehicle and hold rightclick to choose a player. Then hold leftclick to pick them up. Download: Requires: SAMPFUNCS, CLEO 4.1, ASI LOADER
  2. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE New OP-HaX for 0.3.7

    OP-HaX Install & Download: 1.) Get a clean GTA_SA US/EU v1.00 2.) Install SAMP 0.3.7: 3.) Install CLEO 4.1: 4.) Download OP-HaX: 5.) Put the OP-HaX files into your GTA SA main...
  3. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE OP-HaX - legit MultiHack

    NEW VERSION: A Public version of OP-HaX. [video=youtube] OTHER VIDEOS: Triggerbot: FastAimbot: SilentAim and Trigger: Keys: Press MINUS to open the menu. AutoSave: All settings get saved automaticly inside of...
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    8 ways ugbase can be used as a weapon

    :facepalm: nice clickbait
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  6. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO SNIPPET [SNIPPET] ReadStringFromList

    Lets you read a string from a list by id. Useful for advanced shit. 0AB1: @ReadStrFromList 2 at @STRINGS with_id 3 save_into [email protected] :ReadStrFromList 0AC6: [email protected] = label [email protected] offset 000A: [email protected] += 0x4    0006: [email protected] = 0 WHILE 001D:   [email protected] > [email protected]     0006: [email protected] = 1     WHILE [email protected] <> 0            0A8D...
  7. Opcode.eXe

    OP-HaX | Premium GIVEAWAY to one person

    OP-HaX for one Person! - The Menu - (Make sure that this works, if not gtfo.): How to join the giveaway :oh_stop_it_u: Simply write an nice text about 0x688, the nicest one will...
  8. Opcode.eXe


    Instead of using this shitty long function for an aimbot which was made by some russian: :AIM var [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float [email protected] :float end 0087: [email protected] = [email protected] //...
  9. Opcode.eXe

    Triggerfinger.eXe - it's better than an Aimbot!

    Triggerfinger.eXe Install: Place the folder "Triggerfinger" into your "C:\" drive. So the file path will look like: "C:\Triggerfinger" How to use it: 1.) Start your game and spawn. 2.) Open Triggerfinger.eXe, and wait till it's loaded. 3.) Press...
  10. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE OP-HaX for 0.3z fixed a bit for 0.3.7

    OP-HaX 0.3z version for 0.3.7. The RED functions dont work! How to use it? Learn 2 inform yourself. (Readme.txt or Video desc.) Filepassword:
  11. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE [PRIVATE] Vehicle Path Recording RELEASE

    Hey  :ppffh: Today i'll release my private Vehicle Path Recording mod. Keys & Commands: You press O to start recording and to stop recording. You press P to play or stop the recording. using /VehicleRecordingLoop will make the bot drive the route without...
  12. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO SNIPPET [SNIPPET] SetWindowPosAndSize

    Sets a new position and size of the minimized gta_sa window handle. ( I need it for my AntiAfk :D ) 0AB1: @SET_WINDOW_POS_AND_SIZE 4 pos_x 50 pos_y 40 width 400 width 400 :SET_WINDOW_POS_AND_SIZE 0A8D: [email protected] = 0xC9C060 4 0 IF [email protected] == TRUE THEN       0AA2: [email protected] = load_library "User32.dll"      ...
  13. Opcode.eXe

    CPP RELEASE FreezeRotation.exe - disable Spin And Rotation Matrix

    FreezeRot I got so bored that i made it in c++. Maybe someone needs it. Just keep the hack open to freeze the rotation. --------------------------------- ------- Video of it: -------- Virustotal...
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    So... im wondering: [size=12pt] On which resolution do you play GTA SA? How much Frames Per Second do you have? I am playing on 1600x900 with more than 150 FPS.
  15. Opcode.eXe

    RAPE Call of Duty 5

    Staff members of this server: HostName: • Call Of Duty 5 • Resurrection • Address: used pictures in their signature to log the users ip's. We decided to visit the server. Advertising a bit: Killing People with a minigun:
  16. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO SNIPPET [SNIPPET] Convert 3D position to 2d Radar screen pos

    Function: 0AB1: @POSITION_TO_RADAR 7 XYZ 0.0 0.0 0.0 RADAR_POS 400 400 DISTANCE_MULTIPLIER 1.5 MAX_DISTANCE 300.0 _STORE_TO [email protected] [email protected] This function converts 3D position to 2D Radar position like on the Minimap. You can make things like this: Source: {$CLEO .cs}...
  17. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE LagTroll.cs - troll other players With this mod you can troll other players who are in a car. That video explains how to use it. This mod copy's the incar data of the target player and sends them again to the server so that it looks like laggs. It also...
  18. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO SNIPPET [SNIPPET] GetCurrentPcUserName

    With this function u can get the current Username of the Computer  :imoverit: //0AB1: @GetCurrentPcUserName 0 [email protected] :GetCurrentPcUserName IF 0AA2: [email protected] = load_library "Advapi32.dll" THEN      0AC8: [email protected] = allocate_memory_size 260     IF     0AA4: [email protected] = get_proc_address "GetUserNameA" library [email protected]