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  1. Zin

    IMRP GoodEvade/Admin catch you everytimes.

    Not sure if this is with all VPNs but you can't always get the same IP so if your account constantly changes IP address inconsistently then they're going to pick up on that. It's really never going to be a permanent solution so you're gonna lose all your stats constantly, it's really only good...
  2. Zin

    CLEO HELP Help-me

  3. Zin

    CLEO HELP How to get ID?

    It's not slow though, if you put "WAIT 0" in a loop that slows it down (loops like once per frame or something) otherwise the loop will be basically instantaneous. This does have it's limits however with certain opcodes so you can't do like 1000 read memories at once or the game will just crash...
  4. Zin

    GTAGModding Down I really hope gtag comes back as there's a bunch of stuff besides just opcode params.
  5. Zin

    [SF] Help please

    So best bet is just to recreate it in CLEO or somehow find the address or whatever to the font and disable it using a cleo.
  6. Zin

    CLEO HELP Please Help Me.

    Just search "cleo encryption" and you will find dozens of shit here and on blasthk about it. Also you can't "hide" code as someone who knows what they're doing can reverse encryption. In regards to that cleo you sent which I presume you want to be encrypted for you well I'm pretty sure it's not...
  7. Zin

    Server crasher?

    Man we don't need posts like this bumping.
  8. Zin

    AJUDA - HELPER FR.cs !!

    It's not that simple. Car functions like this will always be pretty easy because we can warp into cars and send our own car data to stuff like this but onfoot we can't exactly do that. Your only hope at freezing someone onfoot would be to abuse some exploit like stunning them with spraycan or...
  9. Zin

    CLEO RELEASE [REL]Hack Pack for RP servers

    I didn't make those but I wouldn't even bother. Those scripts are made for specific servers (as it says in the post) and because this entire pack is like 5 years old the script updates of those servers will most likely have made these redundant.
  10. Zin

    CLEO HELP 0A25 misusage (?)

    It's just that snippet doesn't do Y axis aim probably because when you shoot from roofs and shit you need a different Y which you might aswell adjust yourself (like what those sarg beggars where asking for). This is open...
  11. Zin

    CLEO RELEASE Cbug in one point

  12. Zin

    CLEO RELEASE Cbug in one point
  13. Zin

    CLEO HELP Fast Helicopter

  14. Zin

    CLEO HELP Fast Helicopter
  15. Zin

    I need sampfuncs for R4

    sampfuncs doesn't even exist for R4.
  16. Zin

    CLEO RELEASE [REL]Hack Pack for RP servers

    Type "ON" and it's "OFF" to turn it off.
  17. Zin

    ASI Map Pirate PLUS | Copy server maps!

  18. Zin

    CLEO HELP - Doesn't work with fist like in the video as it seems like this is one of those things that is very "private" but it will surely kill everyone and if it doesn't work then the servers security isn't as bad as...
  19. Zin

    CLEO HELP 0.3.DL silent aimbot cleo

    @kungdun was selling his but only to 3 people so idk if he's sold out you should ask him.
  20. Zin

    CLEO HELP [HELP] Pls help me change the colour of sprintbar.cs

    Looks like you have already done it judging by the photos. // This file was decompiled using SASCM.ini published by GTAG ( on 14.6.2013 {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- 0000: NOP wait 2000 03F0: enable_text_draw 1 :Noname_11 wait 0 if and...