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  1. Zin

    APP [CLEO] AutoHeli.cs - Helicopter autopilot!

    AutoHeli.cs - Helicopter autopilot. Description: This basically makes your helicopter fly up and then just fly to whatever coordinates and slows down as it approaches them. There's an opcode that allows helicopters to fly by themselves similar to how cars can also "auto-drive" but that sort of...
  2. Zin

    About sampfuncs arrays (or just arrays in general)

    I'm looking to create some arrays in sampfuncs and then store the array to a global var so I can get the array later on and simplify the code better, however I'm unsure as if this is possible as I made a test script to test this principle and it seems like the array address changes when it is...
  3. Zin

    Yellow marker coords.

    Tried using this information here to find the coords of this yellow marker. Had no luck don't know if markers are different for samp but in the same way red marker coords can be found I'm wondering how this one can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Zin

    Hiding GUIs and stuff from video capture.

    Couple of posts about this but none of them really explain how to hide menus and stuff from recording software. Glance_m0d has this known as "stealth renderer" apparently it hooks deep into DirectX or something in order to that but how exactly does that work. Are there any sort of windows libary...
  5. Zin

    DynamicVars not working.

    Hello, I want to implement the DynamicVars plugin from into some of my scripts but It causes the game to crash on start of connecting to server screen whenever I use a script with DynamicVars in it such as this test one...
  6. Zin

    CLEO Entering forbiden class.

    So there's a trick where if you switch to a class that you are now allowed to access while spawning into a class that you can use, you can get into the locked class. Except you keep getting forced to the class selection. I tried using NOP forceclass selection but then I just keep kind of getting...
  7. Zin

    CLEO Help with Dialog close.

    // This file was decompiled using SASCM.ini published by GTAG ( on 14.6.2013 {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- 0000: NOP repeat wait 0 until samp.Available() Dialog.Create([email protected], "Zin's NOP Master") Dialog.SetRECT([email protected], 0, 290, 260...
  8. Zin

    CLEO Advanced GUI's in CLEO ( Not dialogs )

    So I want to make a NOP menu in CLEO and I want to make it like s0beit style but I don't know how, or is it even possible? Like this mod I know it's a sampfuncs plugin but is there a way in cleo to make a kind of menu like that...
  9. Zin

    CLEO Fakekill

    Seen quite a few fakekill CLEO's, so how do you send a fake kill in CLEO?
  10. Zin

    CLEO incorrect expression for "==" check

    so I'm making this sensitivity CLEO and in order to prevent crashes I have to check if it's on or not but I can't compile as it says "[email protected] == [email protected]" variable has unkown type" I don't understand what's wrong as I'm just checking the values if they're equal to the activated values. {$CLEO .cs}...
  11. Zin

    CLEO Temporarily change aiming sensitivity.

    So there's a very useful mod called sensfix and it makes your guns aim slower and it seriously improves your aim with it, but sometimes you wanna just flip your camera around in a heartbeat but because it makes the aiming slower you cannot do this. How do you change the aiming sensitivity in...
  12. Zin

    CLEO SendInVehicle sync at an angle

    So there's a bunch of snippets here that allows you to sync your position inside and outside a vehicle I was wondering if it's possible to sync the vehicle position at an angle so like I'm flying a maverick and I can sync my pos to the player at 180 degrees so I will heli killl them is is that...
  13. Zin

    Virtual Machine and SAMP

    So if I used a virtual machine with VPN GPCI spoofer and used it to have 2 SAMP's open to the admins of the server would it look like 2 different people or will they be able to somehow know it's the same person?
  14. Zin

    CLEO How do you cbug rapidly? So lots of people can rapid cbug like that but how? When I try and rapid cbug even If I get the timings right sometimes the gun will aim slow so it won't shoot etc and sometimes I can cbug fast in a burst but how can you be fast and consistent?
  15. Zin

    CLEO How do you get bullet pos?

    So when you cbug fast crosshair moves alot so instant crosshair mods don't work when cbugging fast is there anyway to get screen pos of where every single bullet is going to go like a snippet or anything?
  16. Zin

    CLEO Dialog Cursor

    So I made a little kind of multihack thing in CLEO except I can't get the cursor to be visible so I have to use F1 to see the cursor is there anyway I can show the cursor?
  17. Zin

    CLEO Do two things at once in CLEO.

    So I'm making a CLEO and I need to kind of do two things at the same time but I don't know how you could do it. So here's an example of what I'm asking about, Sprinting ( holding sprint key ) while sending messages to the chat with a 1 second wait between, the problem is that to sprint I would...
  18. Zin

    CLEO Speed CLEO makes you slower?

    So I created this speed CLEO from a snippet I got from some old topic but it seems to just make me slower. // This file was decompiled using SASCM.ini published by GTAG ( on 14.6.2013 {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- 0000: NOP...
  19. Zin

    CLEO Set weapon back to what it was, in CLEO

    So after using this opcode 01B9: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR armed_weapon_to 0 how do I set the gun back to what it was so like, I have an mp5 I get set to fist and then get set back to mp5 again how do I do this?
  20. Zin

    s0beit macros.

    So I have extra buttons on my keyboard, how can I use them in s0beit so like making the panic not f12 but "a button with an email icon on it".