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  1. Carl Johnson

    My intro

    I just make 2 new intro which one is better? :forever_hurra:  :urtheman: First one: Second one:
  2. Carl Johnson

    Kid delete System32 Original removed from YouTube cuz kid Butt hurt
  3. Carl Johnson


    Hy guys,I have an crashed hack.can you put Allahu akbar sound when I activate it and when player crash put Allahu akbarrrrrrrrr sound.
  4. Carl Johnson

    This is what will happen

    This is what will happen when an Admin messing with me  :angry:  :me_gusta:℅ Thug life Real Playa :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: Hahaha the whole server freezer in only 3 sec by only one command  :table_flip:
  5. Carl Johnson

    3 different samp

    Hey guys. Let's say I have 3 different samp directory 1-samp 0.3z with Cleo hacks/n3x 2-samp 0.3z with no cheats 3-sa mp 0.3.7 with s0b testing And I have created 3 different shortcut on my desktop . 1 for sa mp 0.3z with Cleo hacks Second for sa mp 0.3z with no cheats Third one for Sa mp...
  6. Carl Johnson

  7. Carl Johnson

    Crashin an entire server

    :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: I decided to test aimcrasher.sf LOL Rekt fgts 100% Legit No  :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: Damn
  8. Carl Johnson

    updated Silent aimbot for 0.3.7 work with sniper

    Hey guys. Check this aimbot out! It is for 0.3.7 It will crash if YOU don't have a clean gta Need Cleo 4.3 Sampfuncs 5.2 All latest plugin are required aimbot.cs in spoiler No bullshit or  :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface:      
  9. Carl Johnson

    Any one have this?

    Sup  :ugbase: Anyone have this?
  10. Carl Johnson

    someone help

    I got a .sf plugin that enable you to move the chat.But it crash -I install new GTA San Andreas -install sampfunc 5.1 -test it on Cleo 4.1-4.3 & 4.4. Still crash  :me_gusta: :red_eyes: This plugin require Cleo 4.3 and sampfunc 5.1 Someone help me on this