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  1. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE HMOBullet 0.3.7

    You need to make it do for weapon you hold in hand I mean for all weapon you can hold
  2. Carl Johnson

    My intro

    I just make 2 new intro which one is better? :forever_hurra:  :urtheman: First one: Second one:
  3. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE Weapon cheat 0.3.7 by me

    nιce  :urtheman:
  4. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE Cleo pack for Cnr Servers

    Nice pack  :urtheman:
  5. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE C-HUD Movable !

    Re: [CLEO]C-HUD Movable ! :urtheman:
  6. Carl Johnson

    Help [TuT] [VPN] Open VPN Gate | Ban Evade! | Easy, Simple, Functional

    Open vpn sucks use cyberghost or frostyVPN
  7. Carl Johnson

    CLEO Fix this pleasseee?

    Only 4 0.3z fgt get rekt m8
  8. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE Hack Pack Gone

    Re: CLEO Hack Pack v.IX Hahaha jobber pack
  9. Carl Johnson

    Help Marty Mcfly ENB Z and blue eclipse s0beit help.

    Got the same problem but I use this better than enb shits Marty mcfly enb shadow without leaves Real shader shadow car paint reflection many more It won't work on potatoes pc cuz this mod...
  10. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE Set Your Car On Fire [video]

    Nice  :urtheman:
  11. Carl Johnson

    Kid delete System32 Original removed from YouTube cuz kid Butt hurt
  12. Carl Johnson

    Help How to uninstall Sampfuncs ?

    Delete sampfuncs folder and see if its work
  13. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE [REL] D-Warp.cs | Warp, Warp and Warp | {{D.Kay}}

    Warp warp warp admin ass .I fuck girls admin am a beast
  14. Carl Johnson


    Hy guys,I have an crashed hack.can you put Allahu akbar sound when I activate it and when player crash put Allahu akbarrrrrrrrr sound.
  15. Carl Johnson

    CLEO RELEASE delete

    Re: RemoveBuildingForPlayer safe reconnect Nice shit  :trollface: