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    CLEO HELP Hi, anybody can do that?

    .cs or asi
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    Set health by command

    Answer: Because commands based on reading your send text from chatbox. Which means.., commands never was registered on server and are unknown.. So.., it is normal when server sending something like that to you. Just ignore and enjoy using IT..
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    CLEO HELP Help me !!

    if 0ADC: test_cheat "ON" then 0AD1: "ON" 1337 If 0ADC : test_cheat "OFF" Then 0AD1: "OFF"
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    CLEO HELP Help me !!
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    Does anyone have Weapons on back mod?

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    Nice Good Jobs
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    samp say_msg problem

    Nice Bye .
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    Cleo request edit of gun sounds to only work when i hit the shot

    Hitsound.cs or hitmanker.cs
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    google moonloader and find it
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    Can someone help me get unbanned from this server i tried everything.

    Reset remote wifi or use fake ip and VPN
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    0.3DL Aimbot that doesnt drop fps

    Skinaimbot , proaim , aimboths,aimbot.exe
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    Maximum two accounts per IP

    How to use ??
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    CLEO REQUEST Collection

    Press F7
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    APP AdvanceMP3 [Supports Online Feature]

    Good jobs